“ We are a medical care pregnancy center that exists to educate and empower individuals and their families to make life-affirming choices. ”

What's Happening at CCCC!

  • Have you Heard?

    We bought a house for our CCCC moms in need who want to save their babies but ask the question “Then What?”. Click here to read more and how you can help!

  • Current Needs:

    1. Diapers: size 4, 5 and 6.
    2. Individually wrapped snacks for clients
    3. Clothes for both boys and girls size 2T to 12 (new)

    Drop off can be at any of our 3 locations convenient for you!

  • Save the Date...

    August 3, 2024 for our annual summer picnic! Click here for more details!

Often times a positive pregnancy test is not good news to a woman. Many times they silently contemplate what they should do... "Should I tell someone", "How will I be able to raise this baby alone", "What if my husband isn't the father" and even to the point of "Maybe an abortion will make this whole problem go away". Take a moment and consider her confusion. Then take a moment and think of a time you experienced a crisis. Looking back on times of crisis we realize that we are not always able to think things through clearly. Instead, we often regret the important decisions we make in crisis mode. This is why it's always good to have an advocate. Someone who can come alongside you to help you consider all of your choices and see the big picture. Someone who can help you understand there is life beyond the crisis. This is what we do at CCCC Medical for all of our clients. They see the crisis immediately facing them and are looking for a way to make the pain and confusion end. We see the "crisis" as a way to minister Christ to their wounds and bring healing that only He can bring.

We see this same healing take place through our abortion recovery services. There are so many women in our community that have already chosen abortion as their option. Many of them are now wondering how to handle the emotional, physical and spiritual repercussions that have come from their freedom of choice. They know they are hurting and often times women and men suffer in silence because they fear their loved ones, friends, and church family will condemn them for their past choices. CCCC Medical is a safe place for these women to come for help.

Welcome to our site, explore the pages and prayerfully consider how you can partner with us as we reach out and help those in our community.

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CCCC Mission Statement:
We are a Pregnancy Care Medical Center that exists to educate and empower individuals and their families to make life-affirming choices.