I personally know the pain of an unplanned pregnancy.  I know of no other trial I have been through in my life as distressing.  How we wrestle with our conscience and the world view on this issue.  We reason, we justify, we defend our position and thinking to convince ourselves and others we are making the right decision for ourselves.  But is it the right decision for the unborn baby?  Solutions to terminate the pregnancy are readily at our disposal.  For what, so we can “dispose” of the inconvenience?

No one talks to us about how the decision to change our “motherhood status” won’t make the torment go away.  Forever thoughts about the decision will remain in your mind.  You will doubt.  You will think about that child you never met.  You will regret the decision to rob that person from the gift of life.

I know many women who are haunted by the decision they made to terminate a pregnancy.  And some of these women went on to never marry or have a chance to have any more children.  Now in hindsight, I wonder how much regret there is that they choose to terminate a pregnancy because it was not a convenient time, not knowing they would never have the chance again to have a child.  I wonder in hindsight if they would have made a different decision.  That is why it is so important for us to have the conversation and to share what some of us have learned in hindsight.

God has a good plan for our lives and He alone can turn any sin or mistake we make into good if we seek Him.  When we take control because it is “inconvenient”, we thwart His best plan for us.  We think we know best, but we don’t.  He sees infinity.  We only see the finite, the now.  In the moment, we don’t get to see in hindsight.