Most Popular Baby Names

Any pregnant woman will tell you she hears one question more than any other: What are you going to name the baby? Molly, Xavier, Emma, Thomas, Blythe, Benjamin — the options (and other people’s opinions!) are endless. BabyCenter’s list of the most popular names of 2017, which they calculated from more than 500,000 of their readers, can give you a place to start, whether you’re looking for this generation’s Jessica or Michael (or for something a little less popular).
Drum roll please…

1. Sophia
2. Olivia
3. Emma
4. Ava
5. Isabella
6. Mia
7. Aria

1. Jackson
2. Liam
3. Noah
4. Aiden
5. Lucas
6. Caden
7. Grayson

Julie Rohner