Helpful Apps for Pregnancy

In this day and age, there is an app and an answer for anything you can imagine at the touch of our fingertips. With nearly ¾ of Americans having access to a smart phone according to, the answers to our questions are never far away. reports that for Android users, there are more than 3.8 million apps to choose from and Apple users have available to them more than 2 millions app. That’s a lot of apps! You can guess with that many apps to choose from, what you are looking for is out there!

Whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy, you want available to you the best tools to get you through the next nine months. You may be stuck on baby names, may need some guidance when it comes to prenatal nutrition, or maybe you need help timing contractions when the big day arrives. You can bet there is an app for all that and more. The best part is, they are only a click away and many of them are free. That’s right, save that money for some diapers!

New apps are constantly being added, so below, we will break down the best apps for pregnancy in 2018 according to

  • Babybump – Free for iPhone and Android. A great well rounded pregnancy app that tracks your pregnancy daily.
  • I’m Expecting – Track doctor appointments and get weekly baby bump updates among other handy features with this free for iPhone and Android app.
  • iPregnant – Another free app (iPhone only) that offers tips and helpful hints on how to have a healthy pregnancy and take care of yourself. Also gives you access to a community forum to chit chat with other pregnant mommas.
  • Contraction Timer – This free app for iPhone and Android speaks for itself. Track contractions to let you know when it is time to call the doc!
  • What to Expect – Filled with weekly tips and advice, you will love this one if the book, “What to Expect when I’m Expecting” is in your library at home. This free app will give you a daily tip and pregnancy pointer.
  • Quick Tips for New Dads – We don’t want to leave the dads out! Made for dads, by dads, download this app ($1.99 for iPhone) to read up on essential “dad skills”.

This is just the top few pregnancy apps out there now!  Head over to for a complete list.

Just keep in mind, it may be quick and easy to look up a question or concern you have about your pregnancy on your phone, but always consult your doctor or midwife first for advice.

Julie Rohner, R.N.