Saved from Choices by Grace

In my early twenties, I choose to terminate two pregnancies.  At the time, the reasons I thought were good, but later I discovered that for me they were kind of selfish.  To know the Lord today, to know a life lived for Him, to know a saved life, to know I’ll have eternal life, makes it shocking for me that I took the life of these two babies at my own choosing.

We do live in a nation where abortion is legal.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there about when life begins or when it doesn’t and we may be confused about that.  Or maybe we don’t have any information about abortion at all. 

The debate of life or choice has morphed the subject of life and death into a political platform; like taxes or building a wall, but it is so much more than that.  Let’s look at the words being used in this great divide:  choice or life.  It leaves me with the question, “If we are not choosing life, what choice are we making?”

All the laws in almost every nation make killing another human being illegal.  The laws in this great nation of America were based on the Bible which tells us, “Thou shall not kill.”  I think we can all say that killing is wrong.

It is amazing to me that I too was so deceived by the lies that I believed them and made the justifications to be able to make the choice that made life easier for me.  I told myself it was my body and I can decide what I do with it or not.  It’s a choice.  But I don’t think it did make my life easier.

I did not come to know the Lord in a saving way until my mid-thirties.  After the veil was lifted, truth flooded in.  God showed me the truth about my abortions.  I cried.  I started participating in a healing ministry and as I started healing from my past the Lord was able to help me to ask for forgiveness and to forgive myself.  Sometime when we learn about something we did or are doing that may be wrong or sinful, are hearts want to reject it at first.  But as the Holy Spirit so gently speaks to our hearts, He brings us to an awareness of the truth.  I learned that no matter what, I was saved by His wonderful grace.  And He could heal my heart.

I am so grieved by my choices and I only want others who may be considering a choice like this to know the story of others.  The story of regret.  The story of loss and grief.  I learned though, that God was so full of forgiveness and grace and He alone could set me free from my past choices.