40 Days for Life and Hope

We are in the middle of this year’s 40 Days for Life Campaign that runs March 6th to April 14th.  Life is a wonderful thing to celebrate, isn’t it?  Think about the things you would celebrate about life.  The smell after a rain?  Would it be a pink and blue sunset?  The smell of grass…

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Dads and Daughters – Vol II

Dads, when was the last time you looked into your daughter’s eyes and said, “I love you?”  Equally important, when was the last time your daughter saw you look into her mom’s eyes and say, “When is dinner ready?”  Kidding aside, does your daughter ever see you hold her mom’s hand, hug her, or even…

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New Birth

Here we are in the middle of a March following a snow storm just days ago, but spring is coming!  I know because I saw evidence.  Driving home from work one day last week I saw some yellow flowers popping through in someone’s yard.  My husband also brought in an old, discarded flower pot from…

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