Dads and Daughters – Vol II

Dads, when was the last time you looked into your daughter’s eyes and said, “I love you?”  Equally important, when was the last time your daughter saw you look into her mom’s eyes and say, “When is dinner ready?”  Kidding aside, does your daughter ever see you hold her mom’s hand, hug her, or even playfully pat her on the…, well, we will keep this PG rated.  Dad, your daughter needs to see you interact with her mom so that she can see what real love is about.  Love is about freedom to express your hurts, your sorrows, your disappointments and other infractions without fear of pity or of being berated.  Love is about easing and sharing the burden of pain and magnifying the joys of life.  It will be difficult for daughters, without seeing a loving interaction between mom and dad at home, to know what to expect away from home.  A daughter’s standard in life, in her association with the opposite sex, is highly influenced by how she sees her mom being treated at home by her dad.  As her mom is being respected, the daughter will expect, hopefully demand, that she be given that same respect by boys and later men, that she will encounter. 

So dads, are you dating your daughter’s mom?  Are you keeping the romance alive or are you satisfied that you have conquered the mountain?  Relationships are not built and then neglected, they have to be maintained.  In addition, relationships are not 50/50.  They should be more like 100/100.  Each of you giving as much as you can, not half of yourself, as the 50/50 represent.  Sure, you are the father of your daughter; and, that commands some respect from your daughter.  But more than the respect that she gives you, are you fostering the love that she wants to give and share with you?  Relationship building is in a woman’s make-up, your Daughter wants to build a relationship with you.  Are you willing to put in the time, energy, and expense?  With very little effort on your part, you can demonstrate real love and help your daughter build a strong character so that when she says, “No, I don’t do that” it is not the end of the world for her.  She knows that she will come home to a loving Dad, the real “Man” in her life until she gets married.  Dads, don’t miss out on the opportunity to help a young girl become a woman . . .  and a lady.


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