Despair & Hope

“Utter loss of hope.”  “…A cause of hopelessness.”  That’s what Webster says.  Sound familiar?  Have you ever been there?  I don’t think any human being on the planet escapes the feeling of despair at some point in their life.  It comes in many forms:  despair, desperation, despondency, discouragement and hopelessness, all refer to a state…

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Dads and Daughters – Vol III

Well dads, let’s tackle an extremely difficult subject to discuss with your daughter, yep you guessed it, the subject of sex. Ironically, the best time to discuss this topic is when she is not necessarily interested in the subject or the object of the subject, boys. It is important that you have this discussion with…

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Life is so unpredictable.  There are mountains and valleys all along the way.  We want to control it, but we can’t.  We want to know what is going to happen tomorrow, but do we?  We would worry today about what was to come if we knew that.  God clearly tells us that He made us…

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