Dads and Daughters – Vol III

Well dads, let’s tackle an extremely difficult subject to discuss with your daughter, yep you guessed it, the subject of sex. Ironically, the best time to discuss this topic is when she is not necessarily interested in the subject or the object of the subject, boys. It is important that you have this discussion with your daughter prior to her reaching puberty. Why is this important? It is important because prior to her reaching puberty, boys are still silly, stupid, and nasty; and therefore, things that you may say about boys she is more likely to be in agreement.  And besides, you want to be the one to set expectations in her relationship with the opposite sex. If it helps, have mom there with you, however, you need to be the one to lead the conversation (Notice, “conversation” not dictation). Ask her how she feels or think about boys. Is there a boy that she likes or is friends with? Encourage her to discuss her feelings toward any boy in which she is paying particular interest. Dads, most importantly, in this conversation, don’t judge. Hopefully a relationship is not at a stage where you want to go get your shotgun. Again, kidding aside. 

Dads, you know you want to be very protective of your daughter. After all you were a boy at one time, so if you are not motivated to have this discussion with your daughter, think how you were at your time of puberty. Emphasize that she is not “one of the boys” and touching or showing of body parts is not acceptable. Dads, this can be a hard thing for us, but very important. After all, our current society in which we live is not on your side. With “sex education” in schools, who think sex education is about condoms, not abstinence, fairly explicit or implied sex scenes in “G” rated movies, our Daughters are being exposed to male/ female relations at an early age, and not necessarily healthy relationships. So, think of this as a “Call to Arms.” There is a war to take your parental rights away or to minimize you as a Dad, don’t let that happen. Be bold, be strong, and be a loving, caring Dad because your daughter needs you … Because if you are not there for her, she will look “for love in all the wrong places”.


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