Dads and Daughters, Vol. IV

Your daughter is of age where she is now interested in boys (where has the time gone?); and you want to make sure she survives this period of her life so you can walk her down the aisle unscathed, maybe a few cuts and bruises, but physically and mentally intact. As always you have a choice, offense, defense, or passive. Unfortunately, whichever approach you choose, it is not going to be right 100% of the time. Probably the worse choice is being passive. Your daughter is looking for leadership and dad, again, what your daughter doesn’t find in you she will look for elsewhere. So be there for her. Encourage her to choose her friends wisely. The best criteria would be those friends she would be willing to introduce to you and her mom. Encourage her to have her friends come to her home. Dad, provide a safe haven for your daughter and her friends.  Every-now-and-then, buy pizza and encourage them to have a movie or game night.  After all, if your daughter and her friends are in your home, it keeps her out of the warzone. 

Speaking of warzones. There are minefields in our society today that can kill or maim a young lady that is not prepared, not informed, and not coached. Dad, you may not know where all the mines are, however, you can help your daughter navigate most of them. You can point out the subtleties and the difference in the terrain where there may be a mine (does the young man respect her and her friends), you can explain to her about the most hazardous ones (friends that easily become angry), and ones that are difficult to see or locate (people that appear to be friendly but are not loyal and are gossipers).Soldiers that have been in a war zone say it is much easier to face the enemy when you know you have someone by your side. Dad, let your daughter know she has someone by her side.


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