First and foremost, it is important to know that at the core of Chester County Connect Care's mission lies the profound desire to share the transformative love of Jesus Christ and the abundant life He offers to our clients. Our ministry and these pillars wouldn't exist without Jesus being at the center of it all. This is why if you look closely at our logo, you will see in the center of it is a cross.

All of our clients are extended a warm invitation to join us in prayer, receive Bibles with highlighted verses, learn about churches in their community, and get plugged into our weekly bible studies.

We not only seek to meet tangible needs but also to nurture the spiritual well-being of those we serve. Our programs and services are crafted to lead individuals towards a life of purpose, hope, and eternal significance, firmly grounded in Jesus. Through our endeavors, we aspire to illuminate the path to abundant life, inviting all to partake in the richness of God's grace and love.

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We provide free medical services to all our clients. All are provided in a caring and confidential setting by medical professionals specializing in prenatal care and sexual health.

● Pregnancy tests
● Verification of positive pregnancy
● Limited OB ultrasounds
● Prenatal vitamins
● STD/STI information (sexually transmitted disease)
● Abortion pill education & alternatives
● Sexual risk avoidance
● Adoption guidance referrals services for prenatal care

When clients walk through our doors they meet our office administrator, who will then direct them to our client advocate. We have volunteer and staff client advocates as our clients’ sounding boards. The client advocate stays with the client through the entire journey through our centers, and they are in the room when the client has her ultrasound. They are also in the room when they have the divine opportunity to share the gospel. We are so grateful that this role is an intricate piece of our ministry. In this testimony, you will see how our nurses and client advocates work together as they minister to the individuals who walk through our doors. If you are interested in “walking in her shoes,” please click here to watch a video.

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An abortion-minded couple came into Chester County Connect Care for an appointment to have an ultrasound. During the ultrasound, they were able to see the heartbeat of their 25-week-old baby. We at Chester County Connect Care prayerfully show a life to save a life; in seeing that heartbeat, our prayer is they see LIFE.

Knowing this couple was abortion-minded, our client advocates were intentional and prayerful during their entire visit. When this couple walked away from our center, the prayers did not stop, and the client advocate continued to keep them in mind and prayer.

Two weeks later, our client advocate received a call from the preborn baby’s father; he was torn apart and reached out to someone who displayed love and genuine concern. The broken pieces of a man stated, “I have a voice but no choice.” The chilling words came through the phone like a sword to the heart. The father explained that the mother of his child was sitting in Planned Parenthood, in another state where late-term abortions are legal, and she was scheduled to terminate their pregnancy the following day.

So, our client advocate sent the staff of Chester County Connect Care an SOS prayer request for life. The entire staff stopped in their tracks to storm the heavens and pray for LIFE. God is more significant than all of this and answered yes to those prayers. The mother was uneasy at Planned Parenthood and decided to head immediately to one of Chester County Connect Care’s centers to seek counsel alongside the father of their baby.

A small part of the world in Chester County, PA experienced a miracle that day! Praise Jesus for interrupting her plans and speaking directly to her! The couple joyfully shared how she left the abortion clinic and ran to her baby’s father’s arms. Together, they felt compelled to return to Chester County Connect Care, where they received grace and love. They developed a plan forward with hope and resources to face their parenting challenges. They are connected and content! This experience reminds us to pray without ceasing. Miracles happen all around us!

Medical Services

We offer free sessions (in English and Spanish) at all three of our locations, as well as via Zoom, to help individuals in our communities at any stage in life. Our clients can "earn as they learn" and recieve points for attending and participating in our classes, which are then able to redeem in our Parenting Boutique (shown in picture on right).

These group classes include:

  • Parenting
  • Childbirth Education
  • Fatherhood
  • Budgeting
  • Nutrition

Also available are One-on-One sessions:

  • Anger Management
  • Life Coaching
  • Fatherhood Sessions
  • Parenting
  • Healthy Relationship Coaching
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Words from a client afflicted with the stronghold of addiction and is engulfed with the chaos in life due to that path. She currently lives in the community at a recovery program and attends Parenting sessions and Bible Studies weekly with Chester County Connect Care. Despite this challenging season in her life, she openly expresses hope and gratitude while attending parenting sessions weekly.

“I absolutely love these parenting sessions! I can always apply the information to raising my children. I love that the ladies provide information for various ages, especially since the moms in our recovery program are moms of all different ages of children. Every lesson is beneficial for all of us. I enjoy the topic, suggestions, and information they share. I also appreciate how they help with cloth- ing because when I first started coming, all I had were the clothes on my back. I am thankful that our participation allows us to earn points for necessary baby and household items. I don’t know how I could do it without Chester County Connect Care. This program is honestly the highlight of my week! I want to thank and extend my appreciation to every single person who has a hand in making this program possible! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!”

What a privilege and an honor for us to hear testimonies like above to help us continue in our ministry of educating and empowering our clients and their families.


We walk alongside our clients before they give birth until their child is 18 years old and don't just leave these individuals after their baby is born. We're consistently teaching, directing, and leading them to resources. These resources will hopefully guide them, first and foremost, to abundant life in Christ, then to a life where they can provide for their child(ren) in a healthy home.

For our clients, we want to foster strengths and teach healthy lifestyles that have overall well-being for their families, which is why we have a role dedicated to just that, our Family Advocate and Resource Coordinator. This role allows us to demonstrate an appreciation for cultural differences, work from a strength based service model, and remain knowledgeable of a trauma-informed approach to providing services and care to our clients, such as:

  • Case Worker Services
  • Referrals in the community
  • Material Assistance and Emergency bags of food
  • Financial assistance
  • Adoption Guidance
  • Host Family Programs
  • Also available are individual support sessions and online support groups:
    • After-abortion Support
    • Reproductive Loss Support
    • Weekly Pregnant Online Support Group
    • Weekly Post-partum/New Baby Online Support Group
  • "Show Life to Save Life" Program: We strive to educate our youth biblically about the intricacy and value of life at ALL stages but also know the importance of speaking about prevention, which is part of our pillars here. We know that our youth are not learning that life is happening upon conception at their schools, so where? We want to help be the voice piece to our youth and show them these precious babies are not just “cells”; they have a heartbeat and are a life, as stated in Psalm 139:13-16.

With this program, we reach out to local youth groups and churches in the communities of our three centers to tour their local center. While at our center, we walk them through as though they were clients to give them the full scope. We then take the youth to the ultrasound room, where they watch a short four minute video where they can visibly see LIFE on the screen, with a pre-recorded ultrasound, and end with a Q&A session. Interested? Click here.

TESTIMONY: Kara walked through the doors at Chester County Connect Care, confused and scared. At the beginning of her pregnancy, persuasive voices bellowed in her head. “This is an inconvenient situation, and it will ruin your life. You are only nineteen.”

Every day individuals like Kara face these heart-wrenching decisions about life or death. Our Family Advocate and Resource Coordinator worked tirelessly with Kara to provide her with direction and resources. After hearing about the services and support Chester County Connect Care could provide, Kara stayed true to her Godly values and chose LIFE. She was open to learning, growing, and making connections. She relaxed
in the warm, welcoming atmosphere at Chester County Connect Care, feeling a strong sense of belonging.

Kara received pregnancy care and wide-open arms offering unconditional love only Christ can give. She went from homeless to hopeful in 19 months.

Chester County Connect Care provided financial support, housing assistance, a host family, and many other resources. Kara built skills in finance and parenting by attending educational sessions. With every visit, her confidence grew, and she could see improved possibilities for her future.

Chester County Connect Care, along with you and our incredible donors and community partners, played a significant role in transforming not only Kara’s life but also the life of her baby.

With perseverance, a guided path in Christ, and a dedicated team, Kara is now living in an apartment. She confidently raises a beautiful nine-month-old baby girl in a nurturing home she never thought possible.


At Chester County Connect Care, we have long been committed to honoring the Lord by supporting families in our community and assisting them in making life-affirming choices. After years of vision and prayer, our focus has culminated in the realization of a “Residential Housing Program” where we will offer unwavering support to mothers in need, helping them establish a stable foundation until they are ready to stand independently. The Lord recently answered our prayers in a BIG way....

In April of 2024, CCCC bought a home in our local community to serve deeper and reach further to women who want to save their babies but ask the question “Then What?”. This charming, recently restored home is over 2000sq. feet, has six bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large first floor with two large living spaces, a dining room, and remodeled kitchen.

Within this nurturing environment, we will provide essential resources such as shelter and offer educational classes on budgeting, household management, employment, and parenting skills. Furthermore, we will foster spiritual growth through Bible studies and serve as a source of encouragement as they embark on their journey. Our ultimate goal is to serve as a catalyst for the mothers encouraging them to navigate the challenges of motherhood with confidence and grace. We firmly believe that true success and fulfillment are found through a relationship with Christ.

To learn more about this program, see more pictures of the house, and learn how you can help, please click here.