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Prevention is one of our pillars here at Chester County Connect Care. We know that our youth are not learning that life is happening upon conception at their schools, so where? We want to help be the voice piece to our youth and show them these precious babies are not just “cells”; they have a heartbeat and are a life.


Show Life to Save Life is a program designed to get in front of our youth and be the voice they hear over so much noise. Our youth need us and need to know that life begins at conception. If we do not tell them, they will not hear it elsewhere.


With this program, we reach out to local youth groups and churches in the communities of our three centers to tour the local center. While at our center, we walk them through as though they were clients to give them the full scope. We then take the youth to the ultrasound room, where they watch a short 4 minute video where they can visibly see LIFE on the screen in a pre-recorded ultrasound and end with a Q&A session.


Hearing the hearts of our youth during these tours, encourages us deeply and inspire us to continue to educate our youth to empower them in Christ on the beauty and sanctity of life. These students are our next generation, and we are accountable of training our children in the way they should go as stated in Proverbs 22:6.


Join us in training our youth in the way they should go by scheduling your youth group or family for a tour at one of our three centers! Click here to sign up.

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