Lives Saved …
Testimonies from our Medical Services Clients:

A family heard about CCCC through their church. Not long after, they discovered their daughter was pregnant and considering an abortion. They made an appointment at our center, and after talking with the counselor and seeing her baby on the ultrasound machine, the daughter chose life for her unborn child.

A 33 year old client came to our center seeking an abortion.  She has 3 children at home, the youngest being 8 years old.  She stated she could not have a baby right now, and she did not want to start all over again with a newborn.  She had an abortion in the past and felt it was the right decision for her at that time.  When we did the ultrasound, we found out she was 11 weeks pregnant.  The baby was very active and the mom stared at the monitor and started to cry.  She said "wow, that's a baby!". We showed her all of the parts of the baby including the heart.  She then stated, "I guess I have to change my decision.  That's a baby!".  We then counseled her and read to her in God's Word that children are a blessing from God.  We also shared the gospel with her and with tears in her eyes she asked Jesus into her life.  Smiling ear to ear, this client said how happy she was she came to our center.  She was sent home with a Bible and a list of some churches in her area.  Through seeing the ultrasound, this client chose life for her baby and eternal life for herself.

A 19 year old client came to our office with her boyfriend. Her ultrasound showed her to be 6 weeks, 2 days pregnant.  She was quiet when viewing her baby on the screen; however, she and her boyfriend have decided to parent their child.  At the age of 15 she had an abortion.  The client is a Christian and we encouraged her to attend "post-abortion counseling" classes offered at the center.  We also strongly recommended parenting classes for both of them.  We prayed together.

We had A 25 year old client came to our office with her husband seeking an ultrasound.  This couple came to America from Africa to seek an education for both.  They are both in their last year of college and graduating in May.  Because they have no health insurance at this time, they came to us seeking proof of her pregnancy to help aid them in obtaining insurance.  Even though this young couple felt they were not "ready" to be parents yet, they knew this child was a blessing from God.  Seeing they baby on the ultrasound machine brought tears to both of their eyes, but seeing the heart beating on the screen left them in awe.  The father stated, "that really is a baby in there".  The couple plans to graduate in May and then continue preparing for the birth of the first child due in October.

We had a couple come into our center who were abortion-minded (the client had 3 previous abortions).  As the couple saw their little baby on the ultrasound screen moving and waving at them, the client made the comment, "Oh wow! It's too late to have an abortion".  As they left, the couple were still undecided about their decision to keep this baby.  When I followed up with a phone call, we are happy to report that they have chosen "LIFE".

Lives Transformed…
Testimonies from our Healing and Restoration Educational Services

“My mom said ‘life would go on as usual after I had the abortion’. I was confused and felt alone. I did not want to have it (the abortion) which is why I hid my pregnancy from everyone as long as I could. Now, I can tell you that the abortion had a traumatic impact on me long into my adult years and into my marriage.”

“My life spiraled out of control after the abortion. I hated myself... it wasn't until I was led to a church, that led me to a pregnancy center, that I learned truly what God's forgiveness is and why he [God] could love me so”.

Lives Changed…
Testimonies from “The Family Movement Program” Educational Services:

In a Spanish parenting class a woman shared about the hard time she was having in her life. The next week, her classmates and teacher came together to help her with food, clothing and needed items for her and her new baby. What a blessing to see how our clients are reaching out by helping one of their own classmates, as they are in need themselves. We do not give in vain, for God is using CCCC Medical to reach out to the ones in need and teach others to do the same.

Mathew 25:35 “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.”

Lives Changed…
Testimonies from “The Family Movement Program” Educational Services:

CCCC Medical has the privilege to minister to our client's by introducing them to their babies and we also have the privilege introduce life to the mom's by sharing about Jesus. Last Thursday I saw how forgiveness flowed through a mom and a new life began with the prayer for salvation. Tears of joy rolled down this women's face when she asked Jesus into her heart. God is good. We have a new sister in the Lord.

Rejoice with CCCC as we serve "Saving Lives One Heartbeat at a Time".

This week we have seen God's provision as the Coatesville Center as we only had one can of formula left; I prayed that God would supply our needs. The next day two different "first time donors" came walking into the center with formula.

What a way for God to provide....Jehovah Jireh!