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What if there was a way for you to automatically round up the change from your credit and debit card purchases? If you got a cup of coffee for $2.75, for example, at the end of the month, 25 cents would be added to your other RoundUps and donated. It's small change to you, but having monthly support like that is a game-changer for us. The consistency allows us to plan for the future with more confidence and gives us the ability to make an even greater impact.

How Does it Work?

You now can make a generational impact with every purchase! CCCC has integrated the RoundUp app as part of our fundraising for LIFE. It is simple and secure to sign up.

1. Create Your Account

Just fill in your name, email address, and a password of your choosing and you’re all set.

2. Link Your Cards and Bank

Connect your credit or debit cards to the app and securely authorize RoundUps with your bank. This is a secure process, using the same payment processor as Facebook, Amazon, and Lyft.

3. Make an Impact

The extra change from each transaction you make will be "rounded-up" and donated every month to Chester County Connect Care Inc.

Who Can Participate?

It’s charitable giving for everyone.

  • Control your donations by setting monthly minimums and maximums.


  • Download the app on your phone or use the web version.


  • Pause and re-start your donations whenever you want.


  • See your giving history at a glance, and watch your impact add up.


  • Set custom multipliers or make a one-time donation.


  • All of your donations are fully tax-deductible.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Download the RoundUp app from the Apple Store or Google Play.


  • Search "Chester County Connect Care"


  • Create an account and securely link your cards.


  • Change the Community with your Change


other ways to help web

7 Weeks Coffee

Make your coffee count and help us by supporting our newest partnership with Seven Weeks Coffee, a pro-life coffee company that donates 10% of every sale to pregnancy care centers across the country, including ours!

With something as simple as drinking your daily cup of coffee, you now have the opportunity to support our efforts of serving women in need and protecting the life of their pre-born babies. When you purchase a bag of coffee through this link, 10% will be donated to our center!!

Because of your generous support over the years, we have been able to see hundreds/thousands of clients every year. But as you know, the need is great, because after almost 50 years of debate, the national mood is shifting. People understand more than ever that abortion is not a solution—and that we can do better. That’s why pregnancy care centers like ours are becoming overwhelmed with need, and we want to be ready to step up.

Seven Weeks Coffee was founded in only 2021 and to date, they’ve already been able to donate thousands of dollars to pregnancy care centers across the country. Now, we are a part of their partnership program, and you can support CCCC by simply ordering a bag of coffee.

It's not just ANY coffee! It is a specialty grade, single-origin and harvested from small lot farms from the award-winning region of Sidama, Ethiopia.

It is also:

  • Organically Farmed
  • Pesticide & Mold free
  • Ultra-Low acid

Join us today and make your first purchase:

other ways to help web (1)


We are excited to announce our newest partnership with EveryLife Diapers, the pro-life diaper company with a very simple purpose: to create high-performing diapers for every little miracle. EveryLife believes every child is a gift from
above that deserves to be protected and celebrated. Use code CONNECTCARE10 at checkout for 10% off your next purchase.

What's even more amazing is that every purchase made with this code contributes 10% back to our ministry, supporting our essential work in assisting families in need of life-saving resources.

Join us today and make your first purchase: